General Information

As an independent musical ministry group, Living Truth 2 presents some 150-200 concerts per year in churches of many denominations, camps, and prisons. They are also available for conferences and retreats.

Tammie brings extensive experience in choral directing and leadership in congregational singing of both old-time hymns and contemporary choruses.

Living Truth 2 is primarily an acoustical group whose diverse musical style is difficult to categorize. They travel with more than a dozen instruments ranging from antique to contemporary. These instruments include: acoustic guitar, Appalachian dulcimers,  bass guitar, bell chimes, djembe drum, guitar-zither, glockenspiel, hammered dulcimer, harpolek, mandolin-guitar, Marxaphone, melodica, psaltery, recorders, soprano saxophone, and wooden flute.

A typical Living Truth 2 service is approximately one and 1/4 hours long. This talented duo challenges the listener with scripture, drama sketches, original compositions, old hymns, and personal testimonies.